Managed Services

Let AIS Give Your Business a Tech Advantage

Digital transformation is a necessity to compete in today’s business environment. Companies are accelerating their adoption of technology solutions at a record pace, and maintaining these tools puts additional pressure on overburdened IT teams and stretched budgets. IT consultants are financially out of reach for many organizations, and the loss of control limits their agility during times of business change.  

AIS Managed Services is a flexible approach to IT outsourcing. It allows businesses to tap into our qualified IT resources while staying in control and within budget. Working with AIS is also future proof. We have a vast network of IT talent with the latest and most in-demand skill sets across the technology industry. 

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The Benefits of AIS Managed Services


AIS shares access to dashboards, reports, monitoring, and management tools with clients. This level of transparency and self-service is key to our joint success, ensuring that all IT decisions support the needs of the business in real time. 


AIS Managed Services allows internal IT resources to focus on the core competencies that drive differentiation for their businesses. The AIS team can support any number of issues (Server, Network, Helpdesk) with quicker communication, greater uptime, and faster response to performance or security vulnerabilities. 


AIS gives companies access to technical subject matter experts who can easily navigate complex migrations or IT projects that require niche skill sets. AIS stretches the bandwidth and productivity of your internal IT resources while our team monitors systems, reducing alert noise and false-positives/negatives.

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Working with AIS 

AIS Managed Services can be provided on a fixed fee, block hours, or time and materials basis. When coupled with open-source monitoring and management tools maintained by the provider, the resulting solution better fits your needs, tactically and cost effectively.

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Helpdesk Services

ITIL-Standardized Support Primarily for End-Users. As the majority of tickets are resolved remotely the AIS Helpdesk can make on-site visits more efficient because more preparation can be done with more information available to the engineer. Often including, but not limited to Desktop and user support, Equipment, software, and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) documentation, Break/fix troubleshooting, maintenance and monitoring, and Installation of hardware, software and peripherals.
Endpoint Management

Automated, remote, capabilities for Device Monitoring and Management. Robust reporting for inventory and patch management further automates tasks otherwise performed manually. Bitdefender anti-virus/anti-malware software and included and fully-managed. Our intelligent Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tools and 24/7 back-office services provide expert, cost-effective IT management to make sure your systems operate as required.
IT Managed Services All Inclusive

Includes support for workstations, servers, and the entire network infrastructure
IT Administrative Services

Routine, process-driven, IT tasks that often require communication and collaboration with other customer departments.
Vendor Management

Standardized, routine, process management services related to 3rd-party vendors that provide products and services to the customer. Includes coordination with client vendors (phone, internet, software, etc) This service does not include certain projects that would require detailed discovery or project management services performed outside the scope of this engagement.
AIS Managed BDR

AIS BDR provides disk-to-disk backup with available cloud backup options
Last modified November 9, 2023