Service Level Objectives

Service Level Objective

AIS Network Operations Center (NOC) provides the following Service Level Objectives (SLO):
Severity Description Acknowledgement Response Tim​e ​​Communication Frequency
Critical Complete impact to productivity or service affecting many or all customer end-users. 30 Minutes (24x7) 1 Hour (24x7) 2 Hours(24x7)
High Higher impact to productivity or service, multi user impact, multiple services not working. 1 Hour (Business Hours) 4 Hours (Business Hours) ​8 Hours (Business Hours)
​Medium ​Lower impact or individual impact, smaller issues affecting more than 1 person. ​8 Hours (Business Hours) ​2 Days (Business Hours)​ ​​​2 Days (Business Hours)​
​Low Low impact to productivity or service, or other task that can be scheduled for convenience or preventing a disruption.​ ​2 Days (Business Hours) 3 Days (Business Hours) 3 Days (Business Hours)​​
Information No impact to productivity or service, may require additional information from a 3rd party, scheduled task that needs to be planned greater than 5 business days from ticket creation. ​2 Days​ (Business Hours) 4 Days (Business Hours) ​N/A

Last modified April 12, 2020