At our core, we are a customer service organization with an expertise as a full service Information Technology (IT) and a Managed Service Provider (MSP). Services are delivered using IT Engineer Professional Services Labor, or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms, considered Non-Labor.

Each client relationship is unique based upon the type of service delivery that is required of AIS. For some clients, AIS manages the entire IT function of the business. We provide desktop help desk services, networking and infrastructure solutions, and CTO level consulting. We also have clients that already have some degree of IT operations in place, and AIS assists in a complimentary and collaborative role.

A client relationship is compromised of the following components:

graph LR
  ClientNeeds{Client Needs} --> UseCase((Use Cases))
  UseCase  --> Solution["Solution"]
  Solution --> Methodology(Methodology)
  Methodology --> Engagement{"Engagement"}
  Engagement --> ClientNeeds

94,916,836 unique Project Plans are possible using the AIS SOW Portal.