AIS NMS Overview

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When it comes to typical monitoring solutions, there seems to be a lack of visibility into the true state of the network. Nothing is worse than discovering the network is down. Too often, IT lacks the visibility they need to get ahead of performance issues, meaning you’re in the dark until something is wrong. Once an outage happens, the clock is ticking. The longer it takes to resolve, the more it costs you in staff time, lost productivity, and end-user satisfaction.

Routers and switches, virtual servers, wireless devices, and applications of all kinds need 24/7 network monitoring. Keeping tabs on all your critical network technology means you can spot and fix issues fast, before they get worse. These days it is not just about monitoring the up/down status of a network device, it’s about Network Management and access to data when you need it.

Is Standard Monitoring Enough? Traditional monitoring solutions are great for determining if a network device is up or down. Sometimes they can include some additional data. What does that additional data mean to you? That extra data is important. Not all monitoring solutions provide you with an understanding of what the data means or what to do next. Plus, typical monitoring solutions do not provide you with a running version history of a device configuration. They also don’t allow you to restore a previous configuration that was used.

Why is AIS Network Management Different? We provide the tools that are for Central Administration, Remote Management, Network Typology Insights, In-Depth Monitoring, and Faster Troubleshooting.

  • Know exactly how devices are configured and when they change.
  • See a real-time map of physical and logical topologies.
  • Quickly find and visually isolate any part of a network.
  • Have a profile for every device on a network at your fingertips.
  • Instantly know how everything on a network is connected.
  • Get an automatic list of all the IP addresses currently in use and which devices are using them.
  • Stay on top of important network events with both preconfigured and customizable alerting.
  • Understand and improve the stability of a network with usage and health stats.
  • Inventory and monitor the services running on nearly any device on a network.
  • Get relevant and actionable information tailored to each device type.
  • Gain real-time visibility into network traffic with analytics and reports.
  • Instantly know where a device has been seen across a network.
  • All the technical debugging data you need, pooled in one easy-to-access location.
  • Get suggestions for improving the performance and stability of your network.

Last modified April 13, 2021
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