AIS Managed VoIP

As communication methods become more fragmented, office phone use continues to decline but office phone system and service prices have increased in many cases. In designing a robust, reliable, VoIP platform, AIS selected the Asterisk VoIP server software, which is perhaps the most mature and widely deployed VoIP server. Hosting in Amazon Web Services with Geo-Redundant availability zones and connect to the public phone network using geo redundant sip trunks provided by Twilio allows for carrier grade reliability.


  • Local Or Toll Free Phone Number Porting
  • Unlimited Phone Calls Within The US
  • Available International Calling
  • Call Management And Phone System Administration
  • Hunt Groups
  • Mobile Apps For Android™ And IOS®
  • Multi Level Auto Attendant
  • Voicemail To Email With Speech To Text Provided By IBM Watson
  • Conference Call Bridge
  • Call Recording
  • Professional Implementation
  • Call Log Reports
  • Fax To Email
  • Custom App Integrations Available
  • Analog Line Support For Legacy Devices
  • SIP Phone And Mobile App Compatibility


  • Monthly Billing Is Inclusive Of All Taxes
  • Continued Phone Service During Local Internet/ISP Failures With Utilization Of The Mobile App To Seamlessly Continue Call Flow
  • Scaling AIS VoIP Usage Is Very Straight Forward And Incurs No Penalty Adding A Line Is As Simple As Requesting To Purchase The Hardware (if Needed) And The Monthly Bill Being Increased By An All Inclusive Rate
  • Scaling Down Is Also At A Linear Rate Per Line



Qualification Questions

Do You Have Any Toll Free Numbers? Do They Require E911 Service?
Do You Need The AIS VoIP System Implemented?
How Many Extensions Do You Need?
How Many Phone Numbers Will Need To Be Ported?
How Many Extensions Do You Need?
Do You Need Any Hunt Groups?
Do You Need An Auto Attendant Recorded And Configured?
Is User Training Required? If So, How Many Users?
Do You Have Any Analog Devices That Will Still Be Used With The VoIP System?
Is Service Per Phone Number With E911 Service Required? If So, How Many Phone With E911 Services?
Is Equipment Grandstream Gxp2135 Required? If So, How Many Phones?
Is Equipment Grandstream Analog Device / Analog Line (ht813) Required? If So, How Many Adapters?
Do Users Need Voicemails Translated Into Text Messages?
Do You Need Paging/Intercom Functionality?
Do You Need Fax To Email Set Up?
Is Equipment Cisco Spa112 Analog Adapter Required? If So, How Many Units?
Do You Want To Keep Using Your Existing Phones?
Is Equipment Grandstream Dp720 Cordless Handset Required? If So, How Many Handsets?

Example Project Plan

  • Gather Phone System Requirements
    • Identify How Many, If Any, VoIP Phones Are Desired To Be Placed In Locations Without A Nearby Network Connection
    • If Fax To Email Is Desired, List Of Which Fax Numbers Should Send To Which Email Addresses
    • Identify If Analog Lines Are Needed For Legacy Devices Such As Fax Machines, Modems, Alarm Systems, Etc
    • System Walkthrough Meeting
    • Complete Current Phone System Configuration Sheet
    • Discuss Feature Changes In The New Phone System
  • Obtain Most Recent Phone Bill Listing Phone Numbers To Be Used With AIS Managed VoIP From Customer
Solution Design
  • Create Design Documentation
    • Create New Phone System Design Diagram
  • Design Review Meeting
    • Walkthrough The New Phone System Design
    • Provide End User Phone Reference Guide
    • Document Changes And Update Design Diagram
    • Final Design Approval
  • Submit Port Request
    • Fill Out Port Authorization Form, Include All Current Numbers
    • Submit Port Authorization Form And Most Recent Phone Bill To Twilio
    • Monitor Twilio Inbox Until Port Date Is Provided
    • Notify Stakeholders Of Port Date
    • Schedule Onsite Resources
  • PBX Setup
    • Spin Up PBX Instance
    • Complete Initial Setup
    • Configure E911
    • Configure OpenCNAM
    • Configure The Advanced Features Listed On Design Diagram
  • VoIP Hardware Setup
    • Configure Phone Hardware
    • Complete Phone Setup Sheet For All New Phones
    • Setup Phones In Lab Environment
  • Pre Port Testing
    • Complete Advanced Feature Testing In Lab Environment
    • Complete Network Readiness Checklist, If Access Is Provided
  • Phone Port
    • Setup Phones In Each Location
    • Connect, Test Calls, Transfers, Parking Of A Call
    • Confirm Information Matches Approved Documentation
  • Post Port Testing
    • Complete Call Flow Testing Per Approved Documentation
    • Test Any Changes Made During Port Day
    • Resolve Any Post Port Issues Or Changes
  • AIS Internal Monitoring Configuration Steps

Last modified September 13, 2021