Service Delivery

Service Methodology, Project Management Process, and Consulting capabilities

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  • Service Methodology

    • Service Desk Provides a Single Point of Contact(SPOC) for timely, centralized, communication amongst end-users and AIS or Customer technical resources and stakeholders. ITIL v4 standards are utilized for resolving Incidents (disruptions in service availability or quality) or end-users making Service Requests (routine requests for services). Standardized Service Level Objectives(SLO) are utilized for performance monitoring and compliance.
  • Project Management

    • Agile project management processes utilizing an iterative approach to delivering a project throughout its life cycle. At the core, the AIS Project Management Office(PMO) strives to exhibit central values and behaviors of trust, flexibility, empowerment and collaboration.
  • Consulting

    • Technical Subject Matter Experts that provide highly customized services often used for strategy, planning, decision-making, and technical architectural purposes in addition to root cause analysis, site reliability, IT policy governance. ITIL Infrastructure Lifecycle Planning, Design, and Strategy approaches are followed.
  • Root Cause Analysis / Site Reliability

    • Purpose
      • Develop a thorough understanding of the problem and its causes and its consequences
      • Identify corrective/preventive actions that will reduce the risk of recurrence to an acceptable level
    • Benefits over on-demand methodology
      • Common terms, language, and structure with respect to root cause analysis:
      • Problem identification, including actual and potential impact
      • Identification of the problem’s causes, their interactions, and the supporting evidence
      • Identification of corrective/preventive actions (CAPA) that will prevent recurrence of the problem
      • Development of a knowledge base which others can use as a resource.

Scope of Work Development Process

graph LR
  A[Implementation Type] --> B{Implementation Guidelines}
  B --> C[Implementation Tasks]
  C --> D[Implementation Task Checklists]
  B --> E(Qualification Questions)
  D --> F
  E --> F(If Yes) 
  F --> X[SOW]
  X --> Y[Project Plan]

Last modified April 13, 2020