Client Engagement Pricing Information

AIS Client relationships are governed by one or more engagements. The fee structure for each engagement will be one of the following:

    Project / Integration Work is defined as any service designed to add or increase functionality or capacity; in other words, any work that is not related to the support of existing systems or persons. Projects are outside the scope of this proposal and as such will be quoted and proposed separately. Project / Integration work will be identified during strategic planning sessions.
Managed Services
    Managed Service is an umbrella term for third party monitoring and maintaining of computers, net-works and software. The actual equipment may be in-house or at the third-party’s facilities, but the “managed” implies an ongoing/proactive approach.
Fixed Price
    Specific pricing for a specific scope of services that is paid up-front or according to milestones. Services provided outside of the established scope are charged as Time and Materials.
Block Hours
    Retainer consisting of a specific amount of professional services labor hours that are consumed at multipliers according to labor skill tier level for any services provided. Purchased up-front with overages charged as Time and Materials, Block Hours offers the lowest cost options with available monthly discounts.
Time & Materials
    Time and Materials is the default billing method that is invoiced monthly after work is performed and charged according to hours worked per labor skill tier level multiplied by the hourly rate for each labor skill tier level.
Frequently Asked Questions
    What version of ITIL do you practice? AIS Practices ITIL Version 4. Are the monthly blocks of time only available for responding to help tickets, or can they be used to help with ad-hoc projects such as the implementation of software, or hardware or some other initiative? Typically monthly support block hours are used only for support, but in certain circumstances we can use the unused block hours for a project and then Time and material for overages at the standard house rates.
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    Last modified November 1, 2020