Frequently Asked Questions

AIS Practices ITIL Version 4.

Typically monthly support block hours are used only for support, but in certain circumstances we can use the unused block hours for a project and then Time and material for overages at the standard house rates. This would be on a case by case basis. Our standard practice to handle projects is to purchase a separate block of hours budgeted for the project. Any extra block hours on the project are valid for a year to support additional initiatives or support needs.

You would be invoiced on a Time and Materials basis. (Pay for what you use) These use are standard house rates. The table is shown in the proposal right under the block hour multiplier table. The price is essentially the same, just without the discount you receive from purchasing a monthly block of hours.

PMs are typically are not involved in the day to day support beyond onboarding. Onboarding is included with the setup fee for the services purchased. That being said, we have some clients who want a PM involved to manage the day to day activities and multiple simultaneous projects. This tends to come into play when a client has many moving parts at any given time. With a 5 block hour monthly block, I don’t anticipate a PM using up any of the monthly support unless special communication/coordination is required. When it comes to projects, PMs are involved to ensure the project is delivered successfully.

If you purchase a monthly block of hours with a 2 or 3 year commitment, we have discount options available.