• Ensuring that software, hardware, or third-party providers are performing according to industry-standard best-practices and aligned with Client expectations
  • Ensuring that backup, failover, redundancy, and disaster recovery needs are met
  • Examples:
    • Data backup for on-premise and cloud-hosted, battery backup, disaster recovery, business continuity
    • Internet redundancy
    • VLAN/subnet expansion, Core/Distribution/Access switching​

Device Outage Detection

Detect when devices are unreachable from multiple paths.
Performance Monitoring

Monitoring devices on the network is an important component to an overall network management strategy.
Root Cause Analysis

With the increased complexity of monitoring, an issue can be cumbersome to diagnose.
Windows Application Crashes

Application crashes may warrant investigation to determine if the crash is malicious or benign.
Windows Group Policy Errors

Management of domain computers permits administrators to heighten the security and regulation of those machines with Group Policy.
Windows Printing Services

Document printing is essential for daily operations in many environments.
Windows System Or Service Failures

System and Services failures are interesting events that may need to be investigated.
Windows Windows Update Errors

A machine must be kept up to date to mitigate known vulnerabilities.
Last modified September 20, 2022