Appliance Sensor Monitoring


AIS Managed NMS

NMS Alerts

Interface Errors Rate greater than 100
Device Sensor State Critical Non Printers
Sensor over limit Check Device Health Settings
Sensor over limit with linked port
APC UPS in Smart Trim Mode
UPS has a depleted battery
Dell iDRAC Amperage Probe Status Failed
Dell iDRAC Battery Status Failed
Dell iDRAC Global System Status Critical/NonRecoverable
HPE iLo Server Power Supply degraded/failure
HPE iLo Server Fan degraded/failure
Synology NAS has a failed power status
Synology NAS has a failed fan status
Service up/down
Syslog, received Emergency Priority Message
Device State Sensor Warning Non Printers
APC UPS Battery Needs Replacement
APC UPS Switched to Battery Power
APC UPS in Hardware Failure Bypass Mode
UPS is running on the battery
UPS has a heavy load

Last modified September 14, 2021