Case Studies

Example deployments and customer success stories

City Of Warrenville Case Study
    Warrenville-Case-Study.pdf 884.65 KB How the City of Warrenville gained efficiency by transitioning their IT strategy from reactive to proactive The City of Warrenville, located approximately 30 miles west of the City of Chicago, is recognized as a small, hometown refuge nestled in the center of the dynamic and nationally recognized research and development corridor that runs through DuPage County, Illinois. It’s a town where families can enjoy a safe, clean, aesthetic way of life and businesses benefit from a community that is open for business.
Eisenhower School Case Study
    Eisenhower-Case-Study.pdf 1.24 MB Eisenhower Cooperative - Investing in technology to better support students and teachers The mission of the Eisenhower Cooperative is to provide specialized services and enhance educational opportunities for all students in the member districts. This will be accomplished by the committed effort of the districts working collaboratively and efficiently. The Eisenhower Cooperative believes:Every child can learnEvery child is a valuable resourceIn meeting the needs of all childrenAll students must be treated with dignity and respectIn developing independent and life-long learnersIn fostering the acceptance of diversityIn a safe, secure, supportive learning environmentIn collaborative teamwork including all students, families, staff, community, and agenciesIn responsibly utilizing all resources within and outside the organizationAll students should have access to a curriculum aligned to state standardsIn fostering students’ self-esteem Main Challenges HardwareThe Eisenhower Cooperative had 5 physical servers, each server already passed it’s end of life and was at risk of going offline.
Case Study Phishing Attack Creates Public Links To Private Files
    Scenario An email Phishing attack resulted in unauthorized access to the victim’s email mailbox and the creation of public-sharing links to private Microsoft OneDrive files. Background In early 2019, an AIS Managed SIEM Alert indicated that a Customer email mailbox was accessed from the United States and from Russia less than an hour later, triggering an Impossible Travel Alert. Minutes later, an additional Alert was triggered by the creation and use of Anonymous Links to that Customer’s Microsoft OneDrive files.
Ryuk Ransomware Incident Report
    On Monday October 28, 2019, a local School District was hit with a ransomware attack, identified as a strand of “Ryuk”. AIS was contacted and addressed the situation quickly and efficiently, reaching out to the client to establish a timeline of events, identify impacted systems, and figuring out a general overview of the server environment. A plan of action was developed, which included: Establishing a detailed recovery plan, along with potential temporary triage to get your environment up and running as well as possible in the interimCreating a plan to prevent similar future incidentsContacting the cyber-security insurance firm and receiving guidance from them on how to proceedContacting law enforcement agencies about this situation, either directly or as advised by the insurance company.
Last modified September 13, 2021