VoIP Implementation Non AIS Managed

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Qualification Questions

Is Phone Number Porting Required? If So, How Many Numbers?
Is Extension Required? If So, How Many Extensions?

Scope Of Work

  • Kickoff Call
    • Confirm Requested Features
    • Set Timeline Expectations
    • Send Recap Email
    • Review Implementation Process
    • Review Client Environment Requirements
    • Discuss AIS Support Process And Contacts
    • Discuss Reporting, Notification, And Renewal Processes
  • Gather Phone System Requirements
    • Identify How Many, If Any, VoIP Phones Are Desired To Be Placed In Locations Without A Nearby Network Connection
    • If Fax To Email Is Desired, List Of Which Fax Numbers Should Send To Which Email Addresses
    • Identify If Analog Lines Are Needed For Legacy Devices Such As Fax Machines, Modems, Alarm Systems, Etc
    • System Walkthrough Meeting
    • Complete Current Phone System Configuration Sheet
    • Discuss Feature Changes In The New Phone System
Solution Design
  • Create Design Documentation
    • Create New Phone System Design Diagram
  • Design Review Meeting
    • Walkthrough The New Phone System Design
    • Provide End User Phone Reference Guide
    • Document Changes And Update Design Diagram
    • Final Design Approval
  • Submit Port Request
    • Fill Out Port Authorization Form, Include All Current Numbers
    • Submit Port Authorization Form And Most Recent Phone Bill To Twilio
    • Monitor Twilio Inbox Until Port Date Is Provided
    • Notify Stakeholders Of Port Date
    • Schedule Onsite Resources
  • Pre Port Testing
    • Complete Advanced Feature Testing In Lab Environment
    • Complete Network Readiness Checklist, If Access Is Provided
  • Phone Port
    • Setup Phones In Each Location
    • Connect, Test Calls, Transfers, Parking Of A Call
    • Confirm Information Matches Approved Documentation
  • Post Port Testing
    • Complete Call Flow Testing Per Approved Documentation
    • Test Any Changes Made During Port Day
    • Resolve Any Post Port Issues Or Changes
  • VoIP Hardware Setup
    • Configure Phone Hardware
    • Complete Phone Setup Sheet For All New Phones
    • Setup Phones In Lab Environment

Last modified May 11, 2021