VoIP Implementation Non AIS Managed

Qualification Questions

Is Phone Number Porting Required? If so, how many numbers?
Is extension required? If so, how many extensions?

Example Project Plan

  • Gather Phone System Requirements
    • Verify all project requirements are collected
Solution Design
  • Create Design Documentation
    • Create new phone system design diagram
  • Design Review Meeting
    • Walkthrough the new phone system design
    • Provide end user phone reference guide
    • Document changes and update design diagram
    • Final design approval
  • Submit Port Request
    • Fill out port authorization form, include all current numbers
    • Submit port authorization form and most recent phone bill to Twilio
    • Monitor Twilio inbox until port date is provided
    • Notify stakeholders of port date
    • Schedule onsite resources
  • Pre Port Testing
    • Complete advanced feature testing in lab environment
    • Complete network readiness checklist, if access is provided
  • Phone Port
    • Setup phones in each location
    • Connect, test calls, transfers, parking of a call
    • Confirm information matches approved documentation
  • VoIP Hardware Setup
    • Configure phone hardware
    • Complete phone setup sheet for all new phones
    • Setup phones in lab environment
  • Post Port Testing
    • Complete call flow testing per approved documentation
    • Test any changes made during port day
    • Resolve any post port issues or changes

Last modified August 2, 2022