Network Solution Design

Solution Design related to Networking Infrastructure. Which may include, Physical/Logical Topology Design Map creation, Best Practices for achieving current best practices for Wired and Wireless Devices. VLAN Design for proper network segmentation and capacity planning. Architecture/Solution Design/Build turns the service strategy into a plan for delivering the business objectives and provides good-practice guidance on the design of IT services, processes, and other aspects of the service management effort. Design also addresses how a planned service solution interacts with the larger business and technical environments, service management systems required to support the service, processes which interact with the service, technology, and architecture required to support the service, and the supply chain required to support the planned service.

Example Project Plan

  • Physical environment review
  • Logical environment details
  • Review existing access layer configuration layer template
  • Review existing distribution layer switch configuration
  • Identify cutover/continuity customer requirements
  • Review Hardware Planning Design for all networking replacement
  • Review Network Segmentation and VLAN documentation to match Hardware Design and best practice
  • Present Network Design to Customer
  • Perform Test Plan to validate cutover requirements
  • Project Deliverables
Design Review
  • Solution Design plan review
Solution Design
  • Develop cutover/continuity scenarios
  • Create updated configuration
  • Test plan development
  • Solution design for converting existing juniper virtual chassis to new mc lag groups
  • Apply configuration to network switches
Last modified August 2, 2022