SIEM Stream Creation/Modification In AIS Managed SIEM

Key steps:

  1. Find the AIS Managed SIEM Input you wish to use for the new Stream.
  2. Click “Show Received Messages” next to the desired Input. Copy the Search Query near the top of the page.
  3. Click “Create Stream”.
  4. Add title and Description.
  5. Click checkbox “Remove matches from All Messages” stream.
  6. Click “Save”.
  7. Find the newly created Stream and click “Manage Rules” next to it.
  8. Click “Add Stream Rule”.
  9. In the Field textbox, type gl2_source_input Value textbox.
  10. Use the second part of the Search Query from Step 2. Note: Do not include the colon.
  11. Type the Input Name as the description.
  12. Click “Save”.
  13. Click the radio button on the left side “A message must match at least one of the following rules”.
  14. Click “I’m done!”
  15. Find the newly created Stream and click “Start Stream”.
  16. Click the Stream name to verify that messages are now appearing in the Stream.
AIS Managed SIEM

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Last modified April 15, 2021
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