Sending SoftEther VPN Server Logs To AIS SIEM

  1. Access SoftEther VPN Manager.
  2. Click “Encryption and Network”.
  3. Click “Send Server and Virtual Hub Security Logs by Syslog”.
    • Syslog Server Host Name:
    • Port: [AIS SIEM port assigned]

AIS Managed SIEM

Cloud-based Security Information and Event Management platform that provides the proactive, preventative maintenance and technology you need to secure your workstations, servers, devices and networks. Multi-Platform Protection for Critical Business-Grade Anti-Virus and Analytics, Enterprise-Grade Anti-Malware Threat Intelligence, Filtering Web Content, Firewall Services, Reviewing firewall rules, Patching the latest vulnerabilities discovered, Inbound and Outbound Email Security.

Last modified April 15, 2021
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