Resetting IP Phone To Factory Default

Note: If you choose factory reset, you will return the phone to the original factory settings and will erase all current settings, including the directory and call logs.

  1. On the SPA itself, press “Setup” (

  2. Go to Factory Reset (14) using “Navigation” (

  3. Press the “OK” soft key. SPA will reboot and will be back to its default settings.

AIS Managed VoIP

As communication methods become more fragmented, office phone use continues to decline but office phone system and service prices have increased in many cases. In designing a robust, reliable, VoIP platform, AIS selected the Asterisk VoIP server software, which is perhaps the most mature and widely deployed VoIP server. Hosting in Amazon Web Services with Geo-Redundant availability zones and connect to the public phone network using geo redundant sip trunks provided by Twilio allows for carrier grade reliability.

Last modified April 16, 2021
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