How To Expand Storage On A Proxmox Virtual Machine

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Use Case:
In the event that the hard drive fills up on a Linux VM, and space cannot be cleared, additional storage must be added. This can be accomplished easily within the Proxmox hypervisor itself.

Before allocating additional space, please schedule a reboot of the appliance. Afterwards, confirm if the storage still needs to be expanded. Linux does not free up space for deleted files if the related process is still running.

80 of high storage usage alerts are an indication that there's a different root cause. Adding more storage should only be done when validated that there's no underlying root cause of concern.

1. Start by signing in at - Credentials in AIS Site Config.
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2. Utilizing the search bar on the top of the screen, search for the hostname of the VM you need to make adjustments to. If working off of an NMS alert, this should be included in the ticket.
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3. Select the VM and go to the Hardware tab in the center pane. From here, you will be able to see the hard disks attached to the VM.
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4. Select the hard disk you would like to resize, and choose the Resize Disk option on the top bar.

5. Increment the storage as needed, and select Resize Disk again.
**Please increment sparingly. If a device is constantly filling up its storage, there may be better ways to mitigate the issue, such as adjusting log rotations.**
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6. Reboot the VM when appropriate and it will automatically allocate the additional storage.

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7. Confirm in NMS that the storage looks appropriate after the change.
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Last modified September 22, 2021
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