E911 Setup With Twilio

Prerequisites: A Twilio account should be set up and able to make calls.

Picking a number or numbers for E911: Each location at which VoIP services is set up should have one number set up as the E911 number. To reduce costs, only one number needs to and should be configured for a location. Whatever is considered to be the main line at the location should be chosen. This number will be the number 911 dispatch sees and will call back if they get hung up on.

Enabling number for E911: Once the number is selected you will need to enable them in Twilio and provide the address of the location.

If the number you are using has been set up and is working properly, the only configuration on Twilio that needs to be done will be done on the page shown above.

  1. When on this page, check the box next to the number being enabled with E911.
  2. select “Choose Action” and then “Enable Emergency Calling”.
The next page, shown above, will require selection or input of an address that will tell emergency services the location of the caller. Once done, enable that number for Emergency Calling. Additional charges will apply.

Last modified April 16, 2021
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