Creating Or Modifying AIS NMS Alert Rule Notification

Note: Alert Rules and Notifications can only be accessed by an AIS admin user

  1. Login to NMS portal as an admin user.
  2. On the top navigation bar, hover over Alerts-gtAlert Transports.
  3. If the user doesn’t have an existing Alert Transport, click button “Create alert transport”.
  4. Transport Name: Name
  5. Transport Type: Mail
  6. Default Alert: Off (Note: Turning this on would send all alerts from the entire system.)
  7. Email: Email address
  8. Click button “Save Transport”.
  9. On the top navigation bar, hover over Alerts-gtAlert Rules
  10. If there isn’t an existing Rule, click “Create rule from collection”
  11. Select “Devices up/down”.
  12. Change the following:
    • Rule Name: Devices up/down – Name
    • Delay: 45m
    • Interval: 1d
    • Map To: Type the NMS Group Name. If a Group doesn’t exist, select the Device Name.
    • Transports: Type the Email Transport Name.
    • Click “Save Rule”.

Last modified April 14, 2021
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