AIS VoIP End User Voicemail Instructions


AIS Managed VoIP provides a highly flexible, highly capable voicemail system.

Accessing Your Mailbox

  • Log in by pressing the voicemail button or by dialing *97 from your VoIP Phone
  • If dialing from a phone with a different extension, dial *98, then your extension number
Voicemail Menus

Main Menu

The main menu will be the first menu you hear when you have logged in. Here are the main menu options:

  • 1 Listen to new messages (the default) or listen to old messages if there are no new messages (see below).
  • 2 Change folders (see below).
  • 3 Advanced options (see below).
  • 0 Mailbox options (see below).
    • Help (repeat the menu options).
  • ‘#’’ Exit from the voice mail system.
Mailbox Options in the Main Menu

Pressing 0 from the main menu will present the mailbox options menu.

  • 1 Record your unavailable message.
  • 2 Record your busy message.
  • 3 Record your name.
  • 4 Record your temporary greeting.
  • 5 Change your password.
    • Return to the main menu.
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Last modified April 16, 2021
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