AIS VoIP Admin Documentation

Change the system initial menu

Please contact AIS Support for assistance with IVR (initial menu) changes.

Re-record system recordings

  • Dial the specified feature code for the desired system recording from any handset
  • Enter the password, if required, followed by ‘'#’’ (the system will prompt for the password to be entered if one has been set)
  • You will hear a beep and then the existing system recording will play
  • To listen to the recording again, press ‘‘1’’
  • To re-record the recording, press ‘'*’’
  • After the beep, speak the new version of the recording
  • Press ‘'#’’ to end the recording
  • To listen to the new recording, press ‘‘1’’
  • To re-record the recording, press ‘'*’’
  • Hang up when you are satisfied with the way the new recording sounds

Last modified April 16, 2021
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