AIS NMS Architecture Documentation

NMS Concepts:

  1. Poller group: One or more NMS servers behind a pfSense that polls SNMP, icmp, and other service data from devices assigned to a specific Poller group every 5 minutes
  2. All Poller groups use the same MySQL cluster as a central database.
  3. The web interface can view Devices from all Poller groups because of the central database.
  4. Manually adding devices must be done from the web interface of the Poller group associated with that device.
  5. Each polling group automatically discovers and adds new devices available to it.
  6. Each polling group adds it’s unique DNS suffix to discovered devices, ensuring unique hostnames across all of NMS.
NMS Key Rules:

  1. Each hostname must be unique within the entire NMS platform.
  2. Internal IP addresses should not be used as hostnames because of the above rule and also because the period is considered a wildcard character, which complicates Device Group pattern matching.
  3. Internal subnet IP ranges must be unique within each poller group. Note: It’s possible to use source-nat/binat as an option.
  4. When manually adding Devices by their internal IP address, you must do so from the correct Poller Group web interface and also use the associated hostname format.

Last modified April 14, 2021
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