Ebook 6 Ways To Protect Your Organization From Ransomware

AIS Managed SIEM

Cloud-based Security Information and Event Management platform that provides the proactive, preventative maintenance and technology you need to secure your workstations, servers, devices and networks. Multi-Platform Protection for Critical Business-Grade Anti-Virus and Analytics, Enterprise-Grade Anti-Malware Threat Intelligence, Filtering Web Content, Firewall Services, Reviewing firewall rules, Patching the latest vulnerabilities discovered, Inbound and Outbound Email Security.

AIS Managed BDR Continuity

AIS BDR Continuity provides disk-to-disk backup with available cloud backup options and the ability to run virtual servers from the local BDR appliance or the cloud.

IT Assessment

Comprehensive IT Assessment Overview Gather input from department managers Review all IT systems for inventory, security, backup, and reliability purposes Review IT policies and procedures, disaster recovery plan and make recommendations Evaluate overall efficiency of IT system design and workflow Identify and prioritize critical areas of concern and recommended improvements Provide budgetary estimates and solution planning for execution of recommendations Prepare a comprehensive report of findings and meet with key school staff to document and plan strategy

Last modified April 14, 2021
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