Why Is AIS Managed SIEM Needed?

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When it comes to cyber-attacks and data threats, it’s not a matter of “if” but “when.” There is only so much anyone can do to prevent a successful attack, but hackers have become more resourceful and will continue to find innovative new ways to penetrate security defenses.

Malware and web-based cyber-attacks are the most popular forms that are growing in their complexity and method of delivery. And just because you currently have an AV solution doesn’t mean you’re covered. It’s not just a box to check. It has to be constantly monitored and managed. Plus, the typical antivirus approach is no longer enough these days.

Ransomware is the malware of choice now. You may have heard of CryptoLocker, CryptoWall, Locky and now WannaCry, malicious software that locks you out of your files and demands ransom payment for recovery. Factoring in this ongoing trend, cybercrime is becoming increasingly costly.

Malware includes viruses, worms, Trojans, ransomware, spyware, adware, etc. and is primarily installed via phishing schemes. When employees click rogue links or open malicious attachments, they unknowingly give hackers remote access to infect their systems.

AIS provides the proactive, preventative maintenance and technology you need to secure your workstations, servers, devices and networks. Granted there is no way to prevent 100 of today’s threats, but we can help prevent most while making discovery and rededication quicker.

Multi-Platform Protection: ● Critical Business-Grade Anti-Virus and Analytics ● Enterprise-Grade Anti-Malware Threat Intelligence ● Filtering Web Content ● AIS Managed Firewall Services ● Reviewing firewall rules ● Strong firewall management ● Patching the latest vulnerabilities discovered ● Inbound and Outbound Email Security

Hackers will eventually be successful, or your employees will mess up accidentally (or intentionally). You’ll want to have security policies and procedures in place when this happens.

Everyone makes mistakes, and end users are no exception. One wrong move and sensitive company data or personally identifiable information, such as your social security number, could become encrypted and/or stolen.

Last modified August 16, 2021
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