Vendor Neutral Solutions

Enabling the best combination of on-premise, cloud, and edge resources.
As IT hardware/software becomes more sophisticated, client IT environments include more different brands. This fragmentation increases the challenge of finding resources to implement, monitor, and maintain.

Key points:
  • Architecture
    • As cloud adoption increases, prevalence of on-premise servers decreases, limiting Solutions that require installation on an on-premise server. Solutions delivered by AIS are designed with Flexibility to support various client architecture possibilities, including on-premise, hybrid/multi-cloud, edge, and server less
  • Process
    • AIS created a tool to automate statement of work (SOW) development and management. This tool enables standardized implementations of solutions from different vendors while ensuring that every engagement follows ITIL/vendor best practices. Level of effort required is determined by historical data for increased transparency.
  • Strategy
    • Manufacturer-provided monitoring and management tools often lack support for 3rd-party devices. AIS Solutions are designed for compatibility with most leading manufacturers and service providers to avoid vendor lock-in.

Last modified July 13, 2021
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