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Enterprise software at a small business cost.

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Open sourced software strategy for IT Infrastructure enables organizations to experience the performance and security benefits of enterprise software used in Amazon and Google data centers without enterprise license costs. With the primary adoption challenge being specialized knowledge required to implement and maintain, AIS has invested significantly in process and professional development.

Key points:
  • Performance
    • Commercial solutions often require increased license cost for features that improve performance and reliability. Open source licensing including Enterprise features available at no cost provides an area of potential savings.
  • Security
    • Supply-chain attacks present an interesting quandary because the sooner you update to the latest release, the more likely you become an early adopter of the new feature. But the longer you wait to update, the greater exposure to unpatched vulnerabilities. Software that must be publicly exposed to operate tends to be the most vulnerable, the primary reason why recent Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities had severe impact. Considering supply-chain attacks must go unnoticed to succeed, having more eyes on the code increases odds of detection.
  • Automation
    • As IT Infrastructure evolves from on-premise only to include hybrid/multi-cloud, automation is required to maintain performance, reduce recovery time, and control management costs. Developed to operate the largest, most secure, cloud data centers, Enterprise open-source software provides complete automation capabilities to enable an infrastructure-as-code approach.
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Last modified July 7, 2021
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