Service Support provides all operative Processes necessary for the handling of Service interruptions and for the implementation of Changes.

  • ​Ensuring existing functionality of software and/or hardware
  • Restoring software and/or hardware functionality to its previous state
  • Performing routine, pre-defined tasks
  • Performing end-user requested tasks as-needed
  • Examples:
    • Hardware and Software Support
    • Vendor / license / procurement management
    • Environment documentation / Inventory
    • End-user experience​

Accidentally Deleted Emails

IP Address Log data for Deleted Emails/Lost Data- The SIEM logs provide data down to the IP Address so IT Staff are able to tell exactly who deleted the email, at what time and from where.
Common Helpdesk Needs

List of applications most commonly supported by the AIS Helpdesk
Laptop/Workstation Hard Drive Failure

End user experiencing symptoms of hard drive failure and potentially needing data recovery.
Last modified September 14, 2021