AIS Managed Firewall Features And Benefits

  • Overall
    • Standard configuration is two physical devices configured for high-availability and fail-over to protect against hardware or internet connection failure scenarios
    • SD-WAN solution
    • Remotely monitored with configuration backup
    • Web and Internet Content Filtering​
    • No pre-set software feature limits, maximum capacity limited only by hardware capability
    • Captive Portal to force authentication, or redirection to a click through page for network access
    • ​​Traffic Monitoring and Application Filtering
    • PPOE Server
    • Multiple DHCP Interfaces
  • Firewall
    • Bandwidth Prioritization
    • Robust NAT, DHCP, DNS, capabilities, monitoring and reporting
    • Connection state synchronization for near-seamless internet failover
  • VPN
    • Dynamic DNS and SSL VPN Support
      • No Pre-set limit for End-User VPN connections
    • Layer 2 bridging capability
    • End-User VPN Access
      • ​Active Directory and RADIUS Authentication
    • Site-to-Site VPN Tunnels
      • ​​​​Redundant/Mesh VPN Tunnels with OSPF routing
      • Legacy IPSec Tunnel support
    • Site-to-Cloud VPN Tunnels
      • Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Private Data Center support
  • Routing
    • Multi-VLAN
    • Multi-WAN Internet Connection Support
      • Active/Active or Active/Standby
    • Robust Software-Defined WAN Topology Support
      • Hub-and-spoke, Partial-Mesh, and Full-Mesh
      • LAN and WAN CARP Capability – Two devices can share a single External IP Addresses
  • IDS/IPS and Web Filter
    • Google Safe Browsing support
      • Hourly updates from the Google Safe Browsing database which includes information about websites that may be phishing sites or possible sources of malware.​
    • ClamAV Anti-Virus with Hourly ClamAV Database Update​

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Last modified April 13, 2021