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Citrix Implementation Delivery Controllers
Citrix Implementation XenApp-and-XenDesktop Parallel Migration


Citrix Implementation Delivery Controllers

General Use Cases

Citrix Implementation StoreFront

StoreFront authenticates users to Sites hosting resources and manages stores of desktops and applications that users access. It hosts your enterprise application store, which lets you give users self-service access to desktops and applications you make available to them. It also keeps track of users’ application subscriptions, shortcut names, and other data to ensure they have a consistent experience across multiple devices.

Qualification Questions

Is Xenapp-and-xendesktop Parallel Migration Required? If So, How Many Sites?
Is Migrate Delivery Controllers Required? If So, How Many Controllers?
Is Migrate Storefront Required? If So, How Many Sites?

Scope Of Work

Design Review
  • Documentation

Last modified March 1, 2021