Return Policy

Professional services

  1. AIS warrants that for thirty (30) days after the performance of Professional Services for customers provided under a statement of work, such Professional Services were performed in a proper and professional manner consistent with industry standards.

  2. Otherwise, such Professional Services are provided by AIS “as is”.

  3. If a project is delayed for reasons or circumstances not controlled by AIS, AIS will not be responsible for any costs incurred by this delay, any fees or damages will stand with the customer unless agreed in writing at the time or delay by the customer.

  4. For more detailed information, please reference the AIS Engagement Scope of Work.

Hardware, Software and other 3rd Party services

  1. AIS does not offer any refund for hardware, software, maintenance and support services once agreed by the customer according to the terms detailed in the AIS Engagement Scope of Work or as otherwise agreed upon by the parties.
Last modified November 1, 2020