Co Managed Services

Co Managed Services approach provides greater transparency, agility, and focus.

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Continued technology expansion throughout organizations with increasing sophistication and complexity increases pressure on IT budgets and resource skillsets. These challenges also create the need for a more flexible approach towards IT outsourcing for better alignment between client and provider.

Key Points:
  • Transparency
    • Clients have access to the same dashboards, reports, monitoring, and management tools as the provider. Self-service ability gives greater control to the client to make informed decisions on their IT support strategy and roadmap.
  • Agility
    • Granular outsourcing based on issue type(Server, Network, Helpdesk) and time of day supports expectations of quicker communication, greater uptime, and faster response to performance or security vulnerabilities. This allows internal client resources to focus on core competencies.
  • Focus
    • Access to technical subject matter experts for complex migrations with steep learning curves enable clients to focus more on recurring tasks that are core to their organization and avoid the distraction of acquiring knowledge that will be rarely used. As monitoring systems require increasing amounts of time to maintain while reducing alert noise and false-positives/negatives, it often makes sense to have provider subject matter experts manage monitoring proactively and efficiently.
This approach enables professional services to be provided on a fixed fee, block hours, or time and materials basis. When coupled with open-source monitoring and management tools maintained by the provider, the resulting solution is able to better fit client needs cost-effectively.
AIS Managed NMS
AIS Managed SIEM
Endpoint Management
Helpdesk Services
IT Escalation Support
IT Project Management
IT Staff Augmentation
Vendor Management

Last modified July 7, 2021
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