High Priority Events

AIS Internal SIEM Alert Processing Error
    AIS Internal SIEM Alert Processing Error
A Monitored Security Event Pattern Has Occurred
    A monitored security event pattern has occurred.
A Replay Attack Was Detected May Be A Harmless False Positive Due To Misconfiguration Error
    A replay attack was detected. May be a harmless false positive due to misconfiguration error.
A Security Setting Was Updated On The OCSP Responder Service
    A security setting was updated on the OCSP Responder Service
An Attempt To Add SID History To An Account Failed
    An attempt to add SID History to an account failed.
An Attempt Was Made To Set The Directory Services Restore Mode
    An attempt was made to set the Directory Services Restore Mode.
Role Separation Enabled:
    Role separation enabled:
SID History Was Added To An Account
    SID History was added to an account.
Special Groups Have Been Assigned To A New Logon
    Special groups have been assigned to a new logon.
System Audit Policy Was Changed
    System audit policy was changed.
Last modified December 17, 2020