Critical Non Impact

Medium Priority Events

Volsnap Errors For Windows 2003
    This alert condition indicates VOLSNAP errors for Windows 2003. These errors may be disk-related or due to a lack of disk free space. This issue is typically caused by resource problems. There may be insufficient system resources to complete the API.
Volume Shadow Copy Provider Missing
    This alert condition indicates that the VSS providers are missing on a server. Volume Shadow Copy will not function properly as a result.
VSS Binaries Are Missing Or Not Updated
    This alert condition indicates that the required VSS binaries are missing or not updated. This could be due to server updates or service pack installations that contain corrupted VSS binaries. This condition can cause VSS-aware backups to fail repeatedly.
VSS Error Encountered While Opening VSS Tab
    This alert condition indicates that the Volume Shadow Copy Service tab has encountered an error. VSS begins to shut down after it has been idle for three minutes. When VSS is shutting down, it does not correctly reject COM-related requests. Because of this behavior, various VSS APIs are invoked while VSS is shutting down. This behavior will cause RPC time-out errors.
VSS Updates Are Available For Windows 2008 Protected Machines With Continuum Vault Agent
    This alert condition indicates that the Volume Shadow Copy Service is not updated and updates are available. The Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) provides the system infrastructure for running VSS applications on Windows-based systems.
Last modified April 17, 2020