Critical Impact

Critical Impact Events and Alerts

Microsoft Hyper V Cluster Shared Volume Is Not Available, All I-and-O Will Temporarily Be Queued
    This alert condition indicates that the Hyper-V Cluster Shared Volume is unavailable. All I/O will temporarily be queued until a path to the volume is reestablished.
Microsoft Hyper V Host Does Not Have Enough Memory In System To Start Virtual Machine
    This alert condition indicates that the Hyper-V host does not have enough system memory to start a virtual machine. This issue could be the result of a high number of VM’s running on the host or because the host is low on resources.
Microsoft Hyper V Virtual Machine Configuration Error
    This alert condition indicates a Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machine configuration error.
Microsoft Hyper V Virtual Machine Could Not Be Started Because The Hypervisor Is Not Running
    This alert condition indicates that a Hyper-V virtual machine could not be started because the Hyper-Visor is not running. The following actions may help you resolve the problem: 1) Verify that the processor of the physical computer is running a supported hardware-assisted virtualization. 2) Verify that the hardware-assisted virtualization and hardware-assisted data execution protection are enabled in the BIOS of the physical computer. (If you edit the BIOS to enable either setting, you must turn off the power to the physical computer and then turn it back on. Simply restarting the physical computer is not sufficient. 3) If you have made changes to the Boot Configuration Data store, review these changes to ensure that the Hyper-Visor is configured to launch automatically.
Microsoft Hyper V Virtual Machine Failed To Start
    This alert condition indicates that the Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machine failed to start. Possible causes: Virtual machine RAM is larger than the available physical memory, the number of virtual processors exceeds the number of logical processors on the system, or there may be a Hyper-V host network adaptor problem.
Microsoft Hyper V Virtual Machine Has Been Paused Because IT Has Run Out Of Disk Space
    AIS Monitoring agent has detected Microsoft Hyper V Virtual Machine has been paused because it has run out of disk space Impact: In this scenario, you are unable to start these virtual machines. Their states are changed to Critical - Paused. You receive the error message Unable to connect to the Virtual machine Manager Server vmm. The attempt to connect timed out when you attempt to connect these virtual machines by using System Center Virtual Machine Manager admin console. Cause: The hard drives which store these VHD files or snapshots of these virtual machines are out of disk free space.
Last modified April 17, 2020