Exchange 2003 Std SP2 Database Size Nearing Threshold Limit , Defrag Required

This alert condition indicates that the Exchange 2003 Std SP2 database size is nearing the threshold limit. An Exchange database defragmentation is required. Database Size Limit Configuration and Management Prior to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2 (SP2): There was no method to configure database size limits for Exchange Server 2003. Exchange Server 2003 SP2 introduces the following new features: For the Standard Edition, the default configured database size limit will now be 18 GB, a 2 GB addition to the previous limit, with a new maximum size of 75 GB. For the Enterprise Edition, there is no default configured database size limit, and no software set maximum size. Both versions of Exchange Server 2003 with SP2 have the ability to configure a limit, a warning threshold, and a warning interval set through registry keys. A size check done against the database now uses the logical database size. Empty or white space in the database does not count against the configured database size limit. Therefore, no offline defragmenting is required for a recovery exceeding the configured or licensed database limits. Limit checks, done at regular intervals, are now controlled by the store process instead of JET. The default time interval is 24 hours and this interval is configurable through the registry.

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Last modified April 17, 2020