Critical Impact

Critical Impact Events and Alerts

DHCP SERVER DHCP Service Not Able To Bind To TCP-and-IP OR Network Adaptor
    AIS Monitoring Platform has discovered DHCP Service binding failure on TCP/IP stack OR Network Adaptor. This issues can also be found if any third party application is using UDP port 67 or 68 on Server. This behavior can occur because the DHCP server service is not bound to a statically-configured Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) adapter, which is usually the internal adapter. If the network cable is not attached to the network, Windows will not allow any service to bind to TCP/IP.
DHCP Server Duplicate DHCP Server Found On Network
    AIS Monitoring Platform has discovered duplicate DHCP Server on Network. This will impact the users on the network as their network connection will be lost since the duplicate DHCP server will start assigning IP address and there will be an IP conflicts on the network.
DHCP Service Database Failed To Intialize
    AIS Monitoring agent has detected that DHCP service failed to initialize the database. Impact: Client will not able to obtain IP’s, until this problem is solved.
DHCP Service Database Restore Failure
    AIS Monitoring agent has detected DHCP Database Restore is failed. So database may not intiaized. Impact : DHCP server service may not start, and user will not able to obtain IP’s from server.
DHCP Service No IP Addresses Are Available In The Scope Or Superscope
    AIS Monitoring agent has detected there are no IP addresses are available in the scope or superscope.Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are leased by the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server to its clients. Each lease has an expiration date, which the client must renew if it is going to continue to use that IP address. Impact : The DHCP server cannot issue leases to clients if the number of available IP addresses in the scope is insufficient.
DHCP Service Role Is Not Authorized To Start
    AIS Monitoring agent has detected DHCP Domain Unauthorized Events.However, a misconfigured or unauthorized DHCP server can cause problems. Impact : If an unauthorized DHCP server starts, it might begin either leasing incorrect IP addresses to clients or negatively acknowledging DHCP clients that attempt to renew current IP address leases.
DHCP Service Does Not Start
    AIS Monitoring Platform has discovered that the DHCP service has not start. When the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Server service initializes, it checks for proper configuration of Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), including the presence of a static IP address. Successful initialization results when the DHCP server has established network communication by using TCP/IP. This behavior can also occur if your anti-virus software is not configured to exclude the DHCP database files.
Last modified April 17, 2020