The Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC) Has Detected Problems With The Following Directory Partition

AIS Monitoring Platform has discovered that the Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC) has detected problems with the directory partition. This problem can have the following causes: 1. Site link bridging is enabled on a network that does not support physical network connectivity between two domain controllers in different sites that are connected by a site link. 2. Bridge all site links is enabled in Active Directory Sites and Services, but the network does not allow network connectivity between any two domain controllers in the forest. 3. One or more sites are not contained in a site link. 4. Site links contain all sites, but the site links are not interconnected. This condition is known as disjointed site links. 5. One or more domain controllers are offline. 6. Bridgehead domain controllers are online, but errors occur when they try to replicate a required directory partition between Active Directory sites. 7. Administrator-defined preferred bridgehead servers are online, but they do not host the required directory partition. The most common misconfiguration is to define non-global catalog servers as bridgehead servers. 8. Preferred bridgeheads are defined correctly by the administrator, but they are currently offline. 9. The bridgehead server is overloaded because the server is undersized, too many branch sites are trying to replicate changes from the same hub domain controller, or the replication schedules on site links or connection objects are too fr

Last modified April 17, 2020