Onboarding Project

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Standard Transition Timeline

We target a 30 day transition. In many cases we can complete a transition sooner than that, assuming no roadblocks. Our team meets internally to tailor the implementation order based on the specifics in your environment. After an initial kickoff call with you, our team begins gaining access to the environment and deploying our endpoint management agents. The other tasks are ordered and initiated based on efficiency and availability of the Client environment to conduct the work. Many transition tasks can be initiated simultaneously by leveraging our team of technicians and engineers, led by the Project Manager to coordinate.

Onboarding Project Team

Account Manager

  • The Account Manager acts the relational contact and works with the Client to set high level expectations and help remove any roadblocks that may arise. The Account Manager leads strategic efforts and planning discussions as well as quarterly business reviews.

Project Manager

  • The Project Manager acts as the main point of contact during the transition. The Project Manager leads the day to day activities and provides updates throughout the transition. The Project Manager ensures all necessary tasks are completed and communicated to the appropriate stakeholders.

Tier 3 Engineer

  • A T3 engineer is assigned to your account. We assign our T3 engineers based on your technical needs and preferences. The assigned T3 will lead the implementation of the services purchased as well as conducting the initial assessment and documentation of the environment. The T3 Engineer works with the Project Manager and Account Manager to continuously find ways to increase efficiency and proactively work towards best practices in the environment. This reduces support costs over time and improves the reliability of the environment.

Help Desk Support Team

  • The Help Desk Support Team is our front line of defense to receive calls and remediate issues that come in on a daily basis. They are a talented group of techs and engineers ranging from Tier 1 to Tier 3. They provide quick, thorough resolutions for users, with a focus on customer service. The Help Desk Team also assists the Tier 3 engineer to implement the services.

Provided Documentation

  • Support Contact sheet
  • Network diagram of your location(s)
  • Network Assessment reports
  • Regular reports of support hours used
  • Custom reporting or additional documentation available upon request

Last modified May 26, 2020