Roger Kolb


Senior Solutions Architect


Roger is a firm believer that passion can drive people to achieve your goals and reach new heights. One of his greatest passions is helping others to understand technology. His extensive experience in the IT world has allowed him to help many individuals and companies really put a focus in the correct direction. He has many competencies including technical consulting services virtualization planning and architecture design infrastructure moves and scaling network optimization growth planning and technical project management public, private, and hybrid cloud planning and design planning and deployment of advanced physical and logical security protocols and standards (GSMA SAS, PCI Card Production, HIPPA, PCI-DSS, SAS 70). Roger works with a wide range of people and companies from small business and entrepreneurs to Senior Executives and CTO’s of Fortune 500 Companies across the US. No matter how simple or complex the business environment is, the technology platform should help the organization gain a competitive advantage in the respective market, not hold it back.


Last modified March 2, 2023