Provision New Webroot And Continuum Site

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Set up Webroot First, prior to Continuum site.

  1. Log into Continuum site.
  2. Log into Webroot portal.
  3. Click “Add Site”.
  4. In the first screen, enter site name using Full Company Name. Company is External, Size(approx), Industry(approx), leave all other fields at default.
  5. Change no other fields and click “Next”.
  6. On the Permissions page, hover over “Admin” radial in the top-left column. This makes the AIS admins admins over the site. Click “next”.
  7. This is the Protection page.
    • Select full keycode type.
    • Enter Site Seats. This should be a close approximation.
    • Default Endpoint Policy = Recommended
    • Report Distribution List =
    • Select checkbox for “Include Global Policies”
    • Select checkbox for “Include Global Overrides”
    • Data Filter = Inherit the GSM data filter
    • click “Next”.
  8. The next page is default - Next:
  9. The next page is default - Finish:
  10. Now, you will see the site you added:
  11. Next, you will be on the Endpoint Protection page. Choose the “Group Management Tab”.
  12. On the Groups tab, click “Create”. You are creating containers for Servers and Desktops.
    • Group Name = Servers
    • Description = Servers
    • Policy = Server Policy (previously created by a tech)
    • Group Name = Desktop
    • Description = Desktops
    • Policy = Desktop Policy
Part 2 is Site Creation in Continuum.

  1. Go to the RMM Setup in the left navigation pane of the portal.

  2. Up at the top right corner of the main pane, click “New” and from the drop down and then “Create a new site”.

  3. Fill in the fields

    • Site Name = Legal Company Name
    • Site Code = Copy and paste site name, it will be truncated
    • Autotask Account Name = Copy this from AutoTask
    • Industry Type = close approximation
    • Company’s main address
    • Work minutes = 15
    • Service Level = Essential
  4. The settings should all look exactly as shown below. The only items to note:

    • “Allow Remote Access to NOC” can be checked
    • The Webroot setting, “Link to Webroot site” should be the exact site you created in the Webroot setup earlier and not “All Information Services” for both Desktops and Servers.
  5. The last part of the configuration: Make sure the Communicator is checked as seen below.

  6. Then make sure the “Default Patch Policy” is set up as seen here too (Default Desktop Policy and Default Server Policy).

  7. At the bottom right, click “Create Site and Save Settings”.

  8. Lastly, see next page if you need to update/change a sites basic info.

  9. For any changes that you deem needed, you can edit a site from the “Admin” tab on the Continuum site and select the site you need to change from the “Sites” drop down.

  10. Find your site and click the “Edit Site Information” button.

  11. You only get to edit the basic company info here—and “Site Code” is permanent. Click save.

Last modified April 14, 2021
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