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AIS VoIP Architecture
Application Monitoring
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VPN Monitoring
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Fault Tolerant, Geo Redundant Reliability
    Hosting in Amazon Web Services with Geo-Redundant availability zones and connect to the public phone network using geo redundant sip trunks provided by Twilio allows for carrier grade reliability. Additional benefits of this architecture include continued phone service during local Internet/ISP failures with utilization of the mobile app to seamlessly continue call flow.
Performance Monitoring
    Monitoring devices on the network is an important component to an overall network management strategy. Everything from servers to printers, to the networking infrastructure. Monitoring downtime, latency, deviations from expected performance. Performance monitoring can also assist in the analysis of patterns to identify and validate performance improvement needs throughout the environment.
Accidentally Deleted Emails
    IP Address Log data for Deleted Emails/Lost Data- The SIEM logs provide data down to the IP Address so IT Staff are able to tell exactly who deleted the email, at what time and from where.
DNS Resolution Issues
    On 5/12/2020, Domain Names using DNS Servers become intermittently inaccessible from Comcast internet connections. The root cause of this issue appears to be lack of DNSSEC and EDNS support by the DNS Servers. To resolve this issue, AIS recommends using Amazon AWS Route53 DNS hosting services, which is included as part of the AIS Network Monitoring Service(NMS).
Last modified April 16, 2021