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AIS SIEM Convenience
    • Ability to grant granular permissions to specific users
    • Seamless collaboration with when working with AIS or vendors for escalation support
Service Log Consolidation
    • Includes on-premise, data center, and cloud physical or virtual devices and services
    • (i.e. Firewall, On-Premise Active Directory Servers, Office 365)
    • Supports all syslog-enabled manufacturers and vendors
Centralized Monitoring
    Each brand of hardware using proprietary monitoring for their own devices but these monitoring platforms often ignore all other devices. Not only does this decentralize the monitoring, it increases the complexity for staff to monitor an environment. It can be a challenge to monitor the health of a whole network without a holistic view of how the environment is performing.
IT Inventory Management
    Sections on this page NMS Alerts (1) Related Solution (1) NMS Alerts Device Discovered Within The Last 60 Minutes Related Solution AIS Managed NMS
Citrix Implementation StoreFront
    StoreFront authenticates users to Sites hosting resources and manages stores of desktops and applications that users access. It hosts your enterprise application store, which lets you give users self-service access to desktops and applications you make available to them. It also keeps track of users’ application subscriptions, shortcut names, and other data to ensure they have a consistent experience across multiple devices.
Financial Analysis Of IT Solutions
    Ingest Logs from IT Business Solutions (Cloudflare) being used in your environment and Turn Data into Actionable tasks- The SIEM can ingest logs and data from other data sources/solutions and give IT Departments insight and the ability to make data backed decisions around cost removing uncertainty.
Last modified April 14, 2021