SharePoint Fileshare Creation And Data Migration

Qualification Questions

Is mover io file migration to sharepoint required? If so, how many block hours?
How many Department sites are needed? Make sure you add 1 for the creation of the File Share site if that will be used as a main page for the Fileshare
How many different permissions are needed and/or used via Security Groups? Count this as 1 per Document Library Example is 5 groups added to 3 document libraries is a qty of 15
How many Shares/Document Libraries are needed?
Is per user manual permission assignment to security groups required? If so, how many user assignments?
How many different security groups are being created and are not already populated in AD?
How many fileshares or sub directories need to be migrated
Is sharepoint migration solution design and project planning required? If so, how many tenants?
How many Fileservers will need to have the Migration tool installed?

Last modified January 5, 2023