Disk I-and-O Problem Preventing Exchange For Writing Log Files Mail Flow Down

AIS Monitoring Platform has discovered an unexpected error was encountered while writing to the file specified in the message. If Exchange asks the operating system for a page in the database, and an error occurs instead of the page data being returned. This is a generic error that appears whenever a disk input/output (I/O) problem prevents Exchange from gaining access to a requested page in the database. The most common reason for a -1022 error is a database file that was severely damaged or truncated. If the ESE Error is -1022 and the error is caused by database damage in the file system, you need to verify or repair the file system, and then restore Exchange from a backup. Although repairing the database is still an option, repair is less likely to be successful than with the other errors because a -1022 error often signals extensive damage.

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Last modified April 17, 2020